Cycling Shoes

I was curious about this: why would anyone pay $450 for a pair of cycling shoes? Yeah, I understand there a lot of high dollar products in our hobby, but what does a pair of shoes do that warrant such high premium price? I’ve been wearing my shoes since 2010 with no sign of tear..(I paid $85 for it due to a discount by purchasing pedal and a new bike.)  I personally rather spend $450 on a new hydraulic brake set. My shoes and socks are both breathable to prevent moisture/sweat from soaking my feet. I’m not trying to knock on Sidi or anyone who purchases it, I just can’t seem to justified spending $450 on a pair of shoes whose only job is to prevent moisture build up, keep your feet in the shoes, and keep the cleats attached to the shoes. This is the product I’m referring too: I wonder if it just the currency exchange rate that causes such high price? Even then, it’s still pretty darn pricey in local currency. (If I’m not mistaken, this is an Italian based company. Thus, they want to be paid in the local currency, assuming it Euro, Euro is usually appreciated to the U.S. Dollar.)

Anyway, I feel, in our hobby, that there is a fine line between getting what we paid for and being a bunch of nuts. 🙂 Ha!