Mountain Biking in Alabama

On a beautiful Sunday morning in west Alabama I decided to ventured out to Lake Lurleen State Park for a mountain bike ride. It was the first time I’ve been able to check out the local mountain biking scene since I have arrived in Dixie. To my surprise, I discovered the mountain biking scene is alive and well in this area. Well, to be fair, it not real mountain biking, but it trail riding nonetheless. It not what I’m used too in Tennessee, North Carolina, etc., but Lake Lurleen did kicked my butt riding the Tashka Trail. Lake Lurleen totals 23.47 miles of trails. You could spend a few hours riding and enjoying the natural high your body produces during high intensity fun time. (I don’t call cycling exercise, I call it play time or fun time.) I think Tuscaloosa County and I will get along fine since there a decent mountain biking paradise just down the road from I’m living!

Many thanks to West Alabama Mountain Biking Association and Druid City Cycling, and any other organization(s) that may have been involved with trail building in Tuscaloosa.

Happy pedaling.


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