For those of you that have been following me waiting for some posts related to mountain biking and backpacking, I apologize for not honoring my commitment. I recently made a life changing decision that caused me to leave the mountains of east Tennessee and western North Carolina and return to my birthplace: Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I miss the mountains already and cannot wait to return one day. After I graduated from college things started to change, and I felt unhappy here if I wasn’t on a mountain but I couldn’t stay on it forever. I didn’t have the cash to move out west to the Rockies or the North Cascades. So, I went back to the heart of Dixie and I killed the shadow of yesterday, clean shirt, second chance, and a new job. (Yes, I some what plagiarized that from a song by Monsters of Folks.)

I may not be here long, maybe I end up uprooting and going out west. I’m just living day-by-day in the search of happiness.  The past can be both sad and happy, but all I can do is look forward to the next day. May everyone find what they’re searching for and hold on it to as long as possible.





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