My Hammock Got a Liposuction

I was sitting around in my hammock over the weekend thinking how freakishly huge this bug net is on my hammock. It also has extra fabric attached to the main body. I’ve been wanting to make a new hammock for some times; the new hammock would have been single layer with no attached bug net. This is the bug net I would have used for the new hammock:

Anyway, my hammock weighs 2lbs on a scale. After lounging for a few minutes I had a brain fart and said to my self: self, why not modify this hammock? So, I decied to take a bold move of giving my Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro hammock a liposuction. This is what the hammock looked like prior to its operation:Hammock

As you can see from the picture above, the bug net is freakishly huge compared to its competitors with similar designs. Due to my short thought and poor research at the time of the purchased, I learned real quick to set up the bug net as shown above with a tarp was nearly impractical. The shock cords interfered with the tarp in a big way, and it also had too much potential to create drip lines in a good rain storm. I made some mods to leave the bug net suspended in the air under the tarp without the potential for drip lines. It wasn’t perfect since the bug net still dangled close to my face and made the hammock feel small. I ended up cutting the brown fabric, zipper, and bug net completely off.

Here is the excess: IMAG1410

Here what it looks like now: IMAG1412Obviously I need to do a little more trimming. Also, I don’t sleep like this. The hammock can achieve a flatter lay if I stretch it out some more. It’s just hanging in a banana shape solely for the picture.

This is what it used to look like while stuffed: IMAG0951 It’s on the right, by the way. The small looking stuffed thing on the left is my tarp.

Here what it looks like while stuffed post-op: IMAG1411 It’s slimmer and nearly the exact size of a 1 liter Nalgene water bottle. This stuff sack used to be the stuff sack for my foot print for the Big Agnes Seedhouse tent. I leave the footprint in the same stuff sack as the tent.

I need to add a ridge line going from one end of the hammock to the other and I hope to procure the bug net I posted above. The ridge line will keep the next bug net off of my face and give me a place to hang a light and a storage pocket. The entire set up at pre-op (with tarp, ropes, stakes, etc.) was right around 2.9 pounds. I weighted the stuff sack post-op without the Amsteel Blue ropes, and my scale registered it at 11oz. With my tarp, the bug net at the top of this post, and modified hammock I’m looking at estimated weight real close to 1.15lbs. Factor in an extra few ounces for ropes and stakes, I’ll be slightly over 2 pounds. It’s still a lot lighter than it was before the operation. This projected achieved nearly a pound loss (for the hammock itself) and increased volume in my pack! I might be a little crazy. 🙂


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