Alcohol Stove Result

This isn’t my first experiment with my homemade alcohol stove. It just the first documented one, if you will.

I cannot remember the specification of the can, but I can tell you it has 10 jets and one center hole. After denatured alcohol is poured into the center hole, I cover the hole with a penny. (Don’t bother asking me why, the explanation is beyond me. I just followed instructions from a guy who knows a guy that knows a guy that knows his stuff.) It takes roughly 2-3oz of alcohol for the liquid to seep out of the jets and when it does, I light it! The flame is large in the center at first, then it’s eventually coming out of the  jets. There is a bottom piece to capture any liquid that runs of of the jet so that it doesn’t burn the ground. Then finally I have a pot support that I made from a can that once housed baked beans. Just enjoy the pictures:

Alcohol Stove 4

Alcohol Stove

Alcohol Stove 3

Alcohol Stove 2

For the statistical results: It took 14:34 minutes for 2-3oz of alcohol to completely burn out. I got 2 cups of cold, cold water to boil at the 9 minutes mark. Overall I was pleasantly please with the result. I’m working on an idea for a windscreen, and I’m thinking of another pot support idea that will be shorter to the jets to increase heat. I’d love to have a new titanium mug with a lid to cook with as well.

Instructions to making your own penny stove can be found by using YouTube or this website:

Thanks for reading!

Warning: playing with flammable alcohol is dangerous! I have burn marks on my porch! It will be better to store and pour alcohol out a container that will not drip down the bottle onto the ground.. You cannot see the alcohol flame in broad daylight; dark lights will reveal the blue flame and table salt will show the flame as well.


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