Alcohol Stove

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I’ve been having computer issues and I’ve been working on an alcohol stove for backpacking.

I been working a DIY Penny Stove using alcohol to boil water in the backcountry. I been struggling to get a consistent boil time. I think most of my issues may be the seal of the stove. (Uneven edge from cutting the aluminum.) As well as some other variables such as: the mug. The one I have doesn’t have an easy on and off lid to trap heat in the mug as it cooks. Another could be windscreen, well lack thereof, blocking wind and reflecting heat back to pot to increase boil time. Of course amount of fuel I’ve been adding has been in different amounts as well.

Why am I going through all this trouble? I’m just bored. Of course it’s kind of cool having a stove system barely weighing an ounce using lighter, cheaper, hotter, and less fuel than canister stoves. All the cool kids are doing it these days. Ha! I could just buy one, but what fun is that?!?! Pictures and experiment results will be coming soon!!!


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