Why I Hike

One of the most often asked question I would get is, “why do you hike?” Two of the biggest reasons I like to hike is: I like to push my body’s limit and I find spiritual enlightenment that consume my mind in a positive manner. To elaborate on the former, I find it self-satisfying to achieve a goal. When backpacking, I want to push my body’s physical and mental capabilities by doing long treks over rough terrains and unforgiving mountain weathers. There no better ways, in my mind, to feel good about your attributes by pushing them to the edge on difficult hikes. At the end of the hike endorphins will flood your mind and you will feel extremely satisfied with the goals that you have accomplished.

To discuss the spiritual enlightenment aspect of hiking, human have many negative emotions that affect one’s life. Depression, anger, sadness, stress, anxiety, and many others that affect a person’s life in negative manners. I still deal with many of these emotions myself, and to escape it I find tranquility in the mountains that I love. I found enlightenment about a year ago in the Smokies. I was sitting on a rock that was situated in middle of Big Creek. I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of rushing water, I immediately starting seeing the truth of life and happiness that I could maintain. I maintained this happiness all the way until a few weeks after I graduated from college. I spent the majority of the summer away from the mountains and now I’m starting to venture back onto the mountains I love and find that happiness again, and this blog will track that journey as well as personal feats.


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